Polly is an award winning audiobook narrator. She’s lived in France, Central America, and New York, sometimes on a sail boat, sometimes in a yurt. A humbled and amazed mom of 3 grown children, she now resides in Northern California with her husband and 2 dogs.


Audiobook Reviews

Polly Stone's flawless narration... gives each character a distinct voice, as if the characters themselves have come alive within her....

Polly Stone's delivery. . .is riveting with its spare emotional power.

Polly Stone does a stellar job narrating . . . an engaging and serious tone.

Stone becomes invisible, letting this remarkably imagined Christina live and shine.

Stone captures the moods of the story,—self-recrimination, self-pity, and despair. The story is compelling, and the performance memorable.

Stone approaches the performance with an intuitive understanding of the characters’ private fears, knowing that their inner lives are often quite different than their public faces, and that a good deal goes unsaid between them. She also performs an excellent French accent.

Stone is the primary narrator, and her excellent characterizations convey the women's varying emotions, depending on the nature of the story. Her impeccable pronunciations and light but recognizable French accent for the dialogue transport listeners to the City of Lights.

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